The story so far

More than 10 years ago, our founding pirate Michael successfully led many adventure-seeking visitors as a tour guide through Valparaíso and its region. With great success and demand on the rise, Michael decided to seek for a team of trusted pirates. 

"The German Pirates", offers personalized walking tours and excursions to the surroundings of Valparaíso.

Together with "The German Pirates", you will enjoy:

Tailor-Made Tours: Fortunately, not everyone has the same interests and tastes. Otherwise, life would be very DULL and PREDICTABLE. That is why our pirates are highly invested in visitor’s experiences, wanting to provide you with an unforgettable adventure in the Jewel of the Pacific. We offer the unique opportunity to co-create a circuit with us that best suits your interests and passions.

Group Tours: In addition to our personalized tours, we offer guided tours to preset groups. Contact us and we will design the perfect circuit for your group!

It is of paramount importance for The German Pirates that each visitor gets value for their money, regardless of age and speed of the walking tours.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. And dare to live a great adventure with our team of pirates, who will show you the hidden treasures of the Valparaíso region!

Our team

Who is behind The german Pirates? What are these characters?


After being a Mining Engineer in Germany for almost 25 years trying to find treasures up in the mountains, I moved to Chile in 2004. The fact that I am now living on the Pacific Ocean was not easy to assimilate at the beginning, but it gave me the wonderful idea to start treasure-hunting here as well. For this reason, I decided to start a business under the nickname Michael The German Pirate, in order to show tourists the hidden treasures of the area. After eleven years of successful tour-guiding with thousands of people from all over the world, whom enriched my life experiences, I decided to expand the crew and take the pirates Christian and Bruno on board.


Since my first arrival more than 25 years ago, the city has fascinated me and coming back in 1997 I started here a little Hostel with my family. During that time I met Michael, whom did a lot of tours for my customers. Sometimes I helped him as a tour guide and later on I joined the crew officially as a pirate. With my more than 20 years experience living in Valparaíso, it would be a pleasure to show you around and discover together the hidden treasures of the fifth region.


In the last 500 years many pirates came to Valparaiso, and after being 15 years on the Canarian Islands I set my sail course to the South Pacific Ocean. I found Michael in Vaparaíso by accident and he showed me this fascinating place on a tour. Later he asked me to help him from time to time and I joined the crew. Nowadays I enjoy to share my knowledge with visitors and have a great day going around this interesting place with winding roads and colorful houses clinging on the cliffs.